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Welcome to Fire Wife Life!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Welcome to

Fire Wife Life. These three small words have so much meaning!

When we first spoke them out loud, we were a small tribe of women on a balcony with an abundant amount of champagne. Everyone has had these types of conversations, the ones that start with "we should do that" or "OMG, we could do that"! Most of the time, these moments pass, and that's where those conversations end.

This one was different.

We all know what it means to live every day in the club of Fire Wife Life. It means worrying during shifts and late-night calls. It means being a single parent, competing for attention with the fire department, concerns of PTSD, and so much more. It is a unique life with unique challenges, and that day on the balcony, we knew we had to expand and support this awesome club of women!

Fast forward, and I don't think we ever imagined being here in just 6 short months! What started that day grew quickly and organically into something even more amazing than we had hoped for! Today we launch our own website. We have wives involved from all across the country, upcoming events and gatherings, and, most importantly, we have JUST BEGUN!

Our dream for Fire Wife Life is to support one another in diverse and plentiful ways. Through hands-on retreats, online conversations, building a fund to help in hard times, and in hearing the stories and voices of Fire Wives everywhere!

As we expand and build, please talk to us! Let us know what you want and need, send your suggestions, get involved as regional coordinators, and most of all, help us expand this tribe!!

From our balcony of support to yours, welcome to Fire Wife Life!


Tracy, Sarah, Kathy, Madison, Kristen, Kenya, and Heather

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