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It started in 2016, when as firefighter wives we started to see one another at different conferences and events around the country. We didn’t talk, we didn’t really interact at first, just the “hello” while passing in the hotel hallways, or as we ran into each other at dinners.


As time continued, and the number of conferences and events grew, so did the number of wives, and before you knew it, we bonded! While “the guys" were in class, we were together. We talked, shared our lives, talked about our kids – and talked about our lives as wives of firefighters, and the challenges this presents. We drank mimosas, laughed, cried, and began supporting one another year-round, not just when we were together at events and conferences.


Fast forward to today, we are true and close friends, and we are a Fire Wife Tribe! We travel together, we talk by phone, we meet for drinks, we Zoom, we know one another’s family, and we are there for the important moments in each other’s lives.


In December of 2020, while drinking mimosas on a balcony overlooking an ocean, we knew we had to make this something more tangible for all wives, even those who we had not yet met! We realized that we represent all ages, all stages of marriage, and we have all had our own challenges. Because of this we knew we could make a difference, and grow our tribe. That was the moment, “Fire Wife Life” was born.

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