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The Fire Family


Fire Family Programs


The Fire Family

90 Minute-Interactive Program


This program is presented by Zac, son of Todd & Kathy Edwards

(who co-founded Fire Life Training Associates and Fire Wife Life),

and can include wives upon request. 

This program can be tailored to the following:


Firefighters/Fire Departments

Conference Interactive Lecture

Wives’ Organizations and Retreats

Couples Program for Departments and/or Conferences

“Families on Tap” Pub Series

Family Program for firefighters, wives, and children

(we recommend children 8th grade and older)

Youth based programs for all ages



Youth & Family Life Coaching


Zac Edwards is a Certified Life Coach

and is also certified in Family & Group Dynamics. 

Zac is the founder of Exact Life Coaching

and Exact Life, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit

that works with bullied and marginalized youth. 


Book a Zoom session with Zach

for your family, or for you child/children

by contacting us below!


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