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Family Breakfast
Burning Down the Kitchen

Is your firefighter able to whip up a meal

so delicious that they come running

when they hear that dinner bell? 


Have a comforting casserole that's

fast, easy to throw together, and will

feed a bunch of firefighters?


Do you have a child who loves to surprise you by preparing a fun snack all by themself?

Is your spouse a Mixologist in disguise?

What about Dad's chili recipe that's won the local chili cookoff 5 years in a row?

Burning Down the Kitchen will be made

of curated collections of recipes from

Fire and First Responder families. 


We are looking for your favorite family recipes

and we want to know why they are special.  Share with us the stories that have been passed down through the generations along with the recipe. 


Everyone has a favorite meal to prepare, even if you accidentally stumbled upon it while searching for inspiration on Pinterest. 


If you love it, we want it!  

Submit your recipe.

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Your recipe has been submitted! Don't forget to email us a family picture!

Submit Your Recipe

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After you click submit, send us a photo of your chef, your chef in action, or your family to accompany the recipe!  Be sure to include the recipe name and name of your chef.  All photos need to be emailed to within 10 days of recipe submission.

Thanks for submitting your family's favorite recipe!

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